Keep Your Members Engaged

Ready to meet the moment? Demonstrate your commitment to physical fitness when you can't be there in person. Our platform makes it easy to keep your members engaged with daily workouts, tips and tricks, food journals, and community activities. Members can chime in with their own photos or videos, and can comment and vote on other user's content, providing your members with extra support, accountability., and sense of community.

For gyms, an online community can be a powerful value-add, a companion product that helps them take full advantage of your programs, even when physical facilities are closed.
Help your members stay centered and calm, even when they can't be there in person. Instructors can upload videos and activities and easily see which members have completed them.
Progess shouldn't stop just because the gym is closed. With our platform you can help your clients stay on track, and monitor their progress with out built-in analytics tools. Post group exercises and send email reminders to members.
Reward your loyal following with exclusive content and direct communication with you.
Closed Storefronts

You already have a commitment with your clients that goes deeper than your physical location. That's why during the challenges of COVID-19 closures, icanmakeitbetter helps you organize and grow that relationship into becoming a 360-degree fitness partner. By providing a dashboard of nutrition guidance, at-home workouts, and themed conversations, a closed gym won't close your business.

Customize Activities for Your Members

You can segment your audience based on fitness level, goals, membership tier or interests. You decide who sees each type of content. Easily send email reminders from inside the platform, and use our built-in analytics tools to monitor the progress of each member.



Food journals

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Incentive System

It's up to you how you deploy your community. You can give it out for free or charge for access. With our integrated incentive system, you can reward your members for completing activities.

icanmakeitbetter - Customer Insight Dashboard
Research Roots

icanmakeitbetter was born out of the market research space. Understanding consumers is our business. With today's rapidly evolving landscape, there's no better time to begin gathering insights about your customers. Our platforms lets you engage with your audience, while simultaneously gathering data about their habits, preferences and behaviors, giving you the tools to scale your business, innovate, and lead the market.

Additional Features
Plays well with any device, so your members can easily access the community on their phone wherever their workout takes them. No app needed.
Our platform is quick to set up and easy to use, even intuitive for our advanced features.
Post photos and videos so you can communicate and train your community with guiding visuals.
Reading this should be the last time you have to think about data security on our platform.

"icanmakeitbetter's platform has helped me deepen my relationship with my members, even when they can't make it to our location."

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