Customer Boardroom

Powerful Micro Communities Built Around Great Conversations

Why Customer Boardroom?

Online research approaches need to be flexible and dynamic enough to keep up with the flow of conversation. We designed Customer Boardroom around this concept. A simple interface helps you stay focused and glanceable data keeps your fingers on the pulse of your room. The result is a research approach that works and feels like a focus group, with all the power of digital communication.

Use as an Alternative to...

A flexible research solution that lets respondents and moderators weigh in asynchronously. Observe your group anywhere, at any time. Weigh in when you want to.
Observe respondent's lives without disrupting the process. The flexibility of Customer Boardroom allows for convenient and creative research approaches.
Bring your customers into a collaborative partnership with your business. Understand how your brand fits into their lives, while gathering the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.
Researchers can dive into a 1:1 discussion with anyone in their group, without disrupting the conversational flow of the room.
Dive into Discussion

A traditional focus group helps executives understand the why behind the what. Engage with a group of customers virtually in your office, ready to weigh in on key business decisions at a moment's notice, in a quick and simple online environment. Let us handle the work while you observe and communicate directly but anonymously.

Prompt Conversation with Questions

With survey functionality built in, moderators can use survey answers as a jumping off point for authentic private conversations, while keeping the entire group engaged. Mix and match survey formats for extra flexibility and customization.

Single/multi select



Live Analytics

Watch results update in real time. Simple, digestible visualizations provide dynamic context without distracting from the conversation.

Backroom Chat

As an observer, you want to follow a conversation, giving suggestions to a moderator without breaking focus. That's why the Backroom Chat lets you send messages to your moderators and fellow observers, without navigating away from the respondent chat. Ask a follow-up question. Give them a hypothetical. Probe deeper.


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Additional Features

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Plays well with any device. No app needed.
Quick setup and ease of use means more answers in less time.
Reach and recruit the right audience for your room by partnering with SoapBoxSample.
Observe your group anywhere, at any time. Weigh in when you want to.
Confidently collect the answers you need - without getting weighed down by security concerns.
Built in photo and video capabilities provide the visual context for great conversations.


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