Insight Communities

Insight Communities

Build a more customer-centric business with our simple, integrated insight community platform.

What is an insight community?

An insight community is an online research ecosystem that enables brands to gather continual and fast feedback from their target audience. Our insight community platform enables companies to make smarter, data-driven, and customer-centric decisions with integrated qualitative and quantitative consumer feedback tools. As the fastest-growing Market Research methodology, online community research brings brands and consumers into a collaborative partnership where organizational strategy and direction are always supported by market insights.

Ideation Sessions

Crowdsource ideas with online community research. Commenting, rating, and voting help you prioritize ideas and drive on-target innovation.

Focus Groups

Interactive discussions inside an insight community capture in-depth customer insights. Collect text, images, or video on the soccer field, in a store, at home – anywhere.


Get answers fast. Deploy powerful, engaging consumer feedback surveys across any device in minutes. View and securely share real-time results.

Key Features

Additional Features

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Upload an email list, use our web widgets, and share on social platforms. Easy, unified tracking and omni-channel recruiting make it fast to start, and simple to scale your customer insights platform.
Change the look of your market research community to match your brand, with extensive options to add logos, background images, and colors.
Our built-in incentives program offers a variety of online gift cards for your members to redeem with points. No accounting hassle on your end.
Field multi-method projects to gather both data points & stories all-in-one. Program both close-ended and open-ended questions in your surveys. Run synchronous live chats with moderated probing.
Engage your members with our ideation session feature, an open-style, bulletin board forum. Members can create their own posts, vote, and comment on each other’s ideas. Brainstorming and innovation right at your fingertips.
With our intelligent User Tab feature, segment your community by persona or any other variable to best meet your research needs. Easily target the right audience to your activities.


A License to our Cloud-based Software Platform

While many online community research platforms require you to customize their platform to your objectives, we offer our platform al a carte, a great fit for agencies that want to use communities for their clients, or companies with robust, internal research teams. For everyone else, we offer services to help you get the most out of our platform.

Drag and Drop Customization

Brand your community with your logo, colors, and background images. No coding needed.

Mobile First

Collect product and consumer feedback across any device or operating system — phone, tablet, or desktop — with our responsive platform.

Built-In Incentives

Integrated access to a diverse offering of online gift cards. Grant members redeemable points at the click of a button.

Available Services


Partner with our dedicated team to recruit high-quality members to your community based on your specifications as well as their demographics and interests. Our team will implement recruitment best practices to ensure your community research has a solid foundation.


Thinking about executing deep qualitative work like online focus groups, live chats, and ideation sessions? Partner with a community moderator who will manage initiatives to garner the most value and engagement from your community.


Looking for a turnkey solution? We’ll handle everything including methodology exploration, questionnaire design, programming, moderation, analysis and insights. You just bring the curiosity.



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