Here it is! All new reporting, cross-tabs, comparisons and custom report creation with sharing. A few highlights – but please call your Community Manager or email us for a live Demo – you won’t believe how powerful, easy and fast it is!

  • Create a custom report in minutes. Customize the title, chart titles, charts (e.g., stacked, bar, diverging, etc.), filter results or create custom cross-tab comparisons with stats testing, add a summary for each chart, hide questions, and easily email or share a secure link.
  • Compare all results in the project by ANY question variable – not just the questions in that project, but by ANY question ever asked within your community. This means you can now create cross-tabs using our Smart Sample interface across any variable (not just the questions in the given survey).
  • Filter all results in the project by ANY question variable.
  • Create cross-tabs with stats testing based upon any comparison.
  • Create Advanced Filters + comparisons based upon ANY combination of questions and answers in your community. Then save these Advanced Filters to use again and again. It’s like compound logic on the fly for analysis!
  • Share all of these custom reports easily through our Customer Boardroom.

We look forward to hearing the creative ways you will use this new on-demand reporting and analysis feature.