We offer integrated email as part of your insight community. This means:

  • Email invitations,
  • 1-click reminder emails,
  • Moderator emails,
  • 1-1 member emails,
  • Weekly activity update emails,
  • Incentive emails,
  • Automated “New set of questions added” or “New activity launched” emails.

We have now also added email tracking and management!

  • On each member’s profile tab you can now see a list of key emails sent to them. See the text of the email, if they received it and if they opened it.
  • For each activity see a list of all emails sent (invitations, reminders, 1-off) and view the email text and tracking metrics (delivered, bounced, opened).
  • You can even search by email address to see a filtered list of all emails sent to that user for a given activity.

This means you can get a better handle on community engagement and response rates. In addition, you can now see the incentive amounts offered as well as other email content in the historical email metrics to easily follow-up with respondents.

We hope you like this new set of enhanced features – it is already making our lives much easier!