We Speak Your Language – All of Them!

I am pleased to announce we now support real-time translations across our platform with Google Translate in addition to native platform translations (all shall be explained below). With new translation features and our expanded teams and capabilities, we can now serve all of your global insight needs. So, how does this work?

Native Platform Language Support

  • We have built the entire platform to contain native language support (meaning fully human translated and proofed languages can be added to your community for the languages you want to offer community members).
  • You can now set a “native” language setting within your community. This will load the platform (things like the “Next” button, login pages, error messaging, and so forth) in your native language of choice.
  • Community members may also set their own default platform language.

Google Translate

  • Beyond the native platform language, we have integrated Google Translate across all community member pages – including discussions, live chat, surveys, ideation sessions and more. This supports 100+ languages.
  • This means you can now easily allow cross-language participation, interact with non-native speakers and economically scale your community globally.