I thought this would be a bit more emotional writing this, but it is more with excitement than a sense of loss or sadness that I write the “WE SOLD” blog post. It seems like a natural progression, like the right thing to do for our little company – for our clients and employees.

As you may or may not know, this is a company that I started way back in grad school (2003) with a very patient wife and two young children at home. 

We began as Sentient Services (a full service market research agency – just me and a laptop to be precise), grew a bit (4 different office spaces, a UX lab, a short-lived in-house creative agency, a non-profit launch…we stayed busy), and then built the icanmakeitbetter insight community platform to meet our clients’ needs and ours. Our mission has always been to make the world a better place by empowering the human voice to improve the products and services we use every day. This covers innovation, design, user-experience, engagement, marketing – basically making things better for all of us, by listening and engaging on a human level. The problem was we could not find any software that truly delivered an amazing user experience, bridged the gap from innovation to validation, moved beyond “methodology” and integrated qual and quant research; and did all this faster, easier and cheaper (that’s my sales pitch, so sticking with it!). So, we built the icanmakeitbetter platform! To see a bit more about why I started this business:

We have had our ups and downs through a few economic cycles, but what has always remained true is our awesome clients, unwavering belief in business as a force for good, and desire to serve with integrity. We are now on to our next chapter – we have been acquired and are now part of the ISA and LRW family. Without sounding too effusive – this is an amazing honor. Here we were a small group of research folks building a platform we thought was a game changer and along comes one of the largest and most well-respected global insights organizations and says, “Hey, this is awesome, just what we have been looking for!” Well, we chatted a bit and I am happy to announce we are part of an awesome team that shares our desire for excellence in business and life. It truly is a perfect fit and felt like coming home. What will this mean for us and you? 

We will keep on keeping on – operating icanmakeitbetter and building awesome software and delivering impeccable service, and…

  • Your account team (and the full executive team) will remain the same, no staffing changes.
  • Adding more industry pioneers and thought leaders at our/your service.
  • We can scale and support your traditional research needs, expanded community needs and much more.
  • We can get you who you want easily into your community! Our integrated sampling with SoapBoxSample allows you to reach any audience in your community or in the market – anytime.

I am and will forever be grateful for the trust and faith you put in me personally, our software and our small band of renaissance rebels – let’s keep it up together! I will always be available and at your service.

Best, Paul