Let’s start with WHY WE EXIST.

We believe in the power of ideas, the wisdom of communities, and the art of collaboration. That’s why we’re here. We deliver beautiful software and impeccable research services that help organizations improve products, services, and customer experiences by engaging and collaborating.

How do we do this? We provide online customer insight communities. Our platform makes it easy to research, innovate and get feedback – anytime, anywhere, from anyone. We provide a platform to drive conversations that matter, on a human scale that improves organizations, products and services through the power of listening.

We’re a team that works together and believes in having fun in both business and life. We have to work for a living, but it’s the living that defines us, not the work. There are companies that are changing this world for the better. Every day, we strive to be one of them – from the way we operate our business, to our work environment, and most importantly, in the way we interact with those we have the pleasure of calling our clients.

Working with us will be different, it will be better and it will be enjoyable. This is our rule and commitment to you.

  • We provide you with a single point of contact – no finger pointing or buck passing – call and you are taken care of.
  • We allow you to do your job, not worry about ours. We provide impeccable project management, communications and research services second to none.
  • We have an unwavering belief in our employees, our clients and our company.
  • Delighting our clients with our services and building beautiful and elegant software solutions that make the world a better place through empowering feedback is what drives us. Our product roadmap, focus and services fall out naturally from this focus.
  • We believe in our clients and choose to do business with companies that are looking for a long-term partner, provide superior products and services, change us and themselves to be the best, foster mutual respect and are socially responsible.
  • We know why you chose us and we respect that.
    • Our clients hire us only because they think we can do a better job than ANYONE else out there. We beat others for the honor of working with them, we live up to it.
    • When someone gives us work, they are betting their job, their reputation, their income for their family, and their peace of mind when they go home at the end of the day on us. We owe it to them to NEVER fail them.
    • Clients are friends, not a meal ticket. The money comes with good work, trust and friendship, all if which are earned each day, never given away.

Is that it? Yep, life is too short for anything else!