Greetings devoted blog readers. Boy does time fly. Summer is winding down and the signs are all around us in Austin: UT students are flooding department stores for back-to-school dorm things, snow-cone stands are officially down to one bottle of strawberry flavor and three bottles of banana flavor (bleh) and someone you know is sporting a faded v-neck tan. Sigh…But I’m not feeling depleted like a rack of khaki pants after a back-to-school school sale. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the fall. Why’s that?

A break. My spirts are lifted because I took a recent break from work to travel. It was wonderful and I am very lucky.

At icanmakeitbetter, we believe in work-life balance. Because it’s so important, we put this into practice with a sabbatical. In short summary, everyone that works here gets a two week paid vacation once every three years in addition to the standard vacation time! Plus, icanmakeitbetter provides you with a nice big chunk of cash to fund your travel!

The sabbatical time is devoted to breaking the daily routine and recharging your batteries. Having the time off has personally helped me feel more productive, creative and energized which is ultimately a benefit to me, icanmakeitbetter and all of my lovely clients. So, I thought it would be fun to share a few of the highlights from my sabbatical which I spent in London, England and Mykonos, Greece.

Greek Food: Look at all of these meats on sticks.


Korfos Beach: This gem was walking distance from our hotel.


Elia Beach: At this point of the trip, I reached maximum bronze levels.


Somewhere in London: I’ve heard rumors that one is coming to Austin.