Re-posted from our May 2015 newsletter:

Online insights and research are great, but sometimes you just need to be there in-person. Be it in a home, on the store floor or testing a physical product. Recently we have had several clients use our platform to do in-person recruitment, in-the-field surveys, and more – faster, easier and cheaper.

Our clients are able to easily and cheaply recruit into their communities through our omni-channel and wide-reaching recruitment tools ranging from web widgets to idea contests and standard screening surveys. This builds a broad, representative sample pool to draw from for your in-person research. You can then send out follow-up profile surveys, host product usage discussions, gather address information and more. All this data is integrated and appended to that user. This allows for powerful segmenting and filtering, allowing you to quickly find that “needle in a haystack” for fast in-person recruiting.

Time for some in-person research – maybe a focus group or usability testing? No problem! Just filter, create your screener, and invite. See the results in real-time. Confirm your in-person scheduling and show up with all screener data, profile data and community activity history at your fingertips (on your phone, tablet or computer). Even use our platform while moderating to have users answer surveys, record video on a shop-along, you name it.

When you are done, all your data is in one place, integrated and appended to each user. Easily follow-up for future research, ask that “one last question” weeks later – we make what used to be a pain simple and easy. It’s time to enjoy research again!