Wow, what a year! We are humbled by your support, and honored to work with such an amazing group of coworkers, clients and partners, thank you.

It was an amazing year, and honestly at times it was amazingly hard – we learned a lot of great lessons :). We also
brought on many new clients, new employees and deployed a ton of kick-ass features that make getting on demand feedback from customers easier, faster and cheaper than ever. This allows our clients to drive innovation, increase engagement and improve products. The result is better business, happier customers, less waste and a better functioning ecosystem through improved communication (listening, learning and acting)…you know the stuff that Congress seems to not have done a whole lot this year. Anyone here in Congress?

This post will give a quick summary of what we released in 2014 and maybe a few other highlights sprinkled in there:

  1. All new website and blog (you are on it now, so I won’t link to it).
  2. 3 icanmakeitbetter babies born (Violet, Parker and Rory (pictured above in his drooly glory). For those of you that know me, this is the most awesome, we love babies at the office! If you have a spare one and want to drop them off for a bit, go for it.
  3. Supported the awesome new housing initiative Community First! Village by Mobile Loaves and Fishes.
  4. All new integrated Ideation module – now collect open innovation just like a survey.
  5. Integrated incentives.
  6. Ability to create multiple and automated sessions (morning/night, Monday/Friday) for discussions and surveys.
  7. New dashboard.
  8. New design top to bottom making page loads faster and code cleaner.
  9. Launched on the Elixir platform.
  10. Started or technology blog series on Elixir.
  11. Advanced tagging, segmenting and logic.
  12. Launched Spanish.
  13. New reporting with text analytics.
  14. Did our first trade show.
  15. New importing features.
  16. New recruiting features.
  17. All new community design and homepage.
  18. Simplified admin management.
  19. New question types including mad-libs, rating and more.
  20. New easy survey builder with custom branding options.
  21. Survey templates and question library.
  22. Integrated video.
  23. Mobile apps.
  24. Enhanced panel management.
  25. Quick “Feedback” module to easily get started with any project.

And, a whole lot more I won’t list here. Our goal this year was to streamline and simplify our platform while allowing our clients the power and scale they need. The result is an all new approach to market research that combines social innovation, qualitative and quantitative methods. No longer are you locked into choosing a methodology for a project. You can start with a survey, decide you want to dig deep with those that answered “X”, launch a focus group with them, and then crowdsource ideas to validate findings. All of this in one integrated database and dashboard.

We spent our year doing that long list above, raising families, having some Fun Fridays, learning, working with amazing people, and trying to make the world better where we could. Thanks for being a part of this journey with us.

My next post will be looking forward to what we will be doing in 2015!