So for Christmas this year the Mrs. and I bought each other Electra His&Her classic cruisers (no they are not “electric”, but you would think so with the brand name). We purchased these for the awesome local bike shop on Lamar by us – Bicycle Sport Shop. I actually worked there in college and loved it!

We live in Circle C, which up until recently was considered an “out there” suburb – not any more! We now have Alamo Draft HouseNXNW BreweryHEBSatellite Bistro, and many other great local places. As you know I am a big design and architecture fan; especially when it comes to a sense of place, urban planning and livability. Being able to walk or ride to run errands, eat and socialiaze is truly amazing and a game changer for health, connecting with your community, having fun and as a byproduct the environment. We plan to do quite a bit of riding in the neighborhood but also as a company. We are especially looking forward to the Hill Country Ride for Aids – an amazing organization and ride. If you want to join our team, let me know!

And, for a great cycling blog out of Copenhagen – check out