I and  the entire icanmakeitbetter team would like to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. This time of year is always interesting – family, lots of food, time to reflect, abundance for some, scarcity for others. Whether you are travelling or staying home – be safe, have fun and enjoy life!

This post also begins the “What we love”, “Austin”, “South Lamar” tags for the blog. These will cover favorite restaurants, coffee shops, stores and more in Austin, and in particular South Austin and even more precisely South Lamar where our offices are.

Given that it is Thanksgiving I would like to share the awesome local restaurant on South Lamar called Mr. Natural. This 100% vegetarian place is quite unique. A mix of a gluten free bakery, Mexican food, vegan buffet and more. Quite different, very Austin! And, for Thanksgiving they do an amazing pre-Thanksgiving feast! We normally go there as an office, but this year we are all out…maybe next year you can join us?