Welcome to our new blog. In this blog we will discuss all sorts of things that we hope you find interesting, insightful, and real (as in – you get to know us and we get to know you). Why? We are people, you are a person, our software is about people – it’s about a relationship; having conversations that matter.

On this blog, we will have conversations about innovation, market research, methodologies, tools we use, books we read, sites we love, our software development stack and other random musings from the best luggage to places to eat at the airport., and our We will also mist in the stuff that makes us, us – our mistakes, our wins, weddings, new babies, toddlers growing up, and definitely our Fun Fridays –stuff that drives us and makes being in business worthwhile.

Let’s begin!

Here is who we are and how we operate. What we do, and sell comes way after that.

  • We exist to do good, while doing good business. In that order.
  • Family, community, and humanity come before software, sales and profits – always.
  • We will be known for our integrity and smiles above all else.
  • We believe in having conversations that matter. We believe that asking and listening (some call this market researchJ) improves businesses and lives. It helps you build what people actually want and need, reduces waste and improves outcomes.
  • Working with us will be fun, it will be different and it will be better.

Bottom line – we help our clients build better products, services and customer experiences with powerful insight communities. We work with Fortune 500 clients and startups alike. The common denominator is great people, great products, integrity and a quest to make things better through customer insights. We don’t help put lipstick on pigs.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Photo courtesy of my friend and awesome photographer – David Gottlieb.