Build better products, services and customer experiences with insight communities.

Here's how:

  • CAB

    Customer Advisory Boards are critical to business success. Engage and co-create with your customers all in one private, secure and integrated platform.

  • Customer Surveys

    Don’t guess, ask. Survey your customers and know what they want. Easily track and aggregate customer data over time for rich profiles and sample management.

  • Product Feedback

    Better product development. Faster time-to-market with products customers will love and buy. Features, pricing, design, co-creation - all in our platform.

  • Ad Testing

    Test your creative, messaging and marketing. Integrated qualitative and quantitative feedback in one place – finally!

  • Employee Feedback

    Your employees are the core of your company. They know the customers and the product. Easily get their input, ideas and feedback.

  • feedback

    Website Feedback

    Put our online feedback widget on any page of your website to get powerful insights to improve your website and business.

  • Open Innovation

    Innovate with idea contests, online idea suggestion boxes and more.

  • Online Focus Groups

    Dead simple online focus group deployment. Real-time or ongoing ethnography. Flexible and easy.

  • Usability Testing

    Quickly and easily test apps and web designs. Easy, secure multi-media sharing and feedback sessions.

How we are different:

  • Public & Private

    Create public or private innovation, insights and feedback communities. For employees, customers – anyone!

  • Scale

    20 or 20,000, our platform scales as fast as your community can grow.

  • Integrated

    Qualitative, quantitative and open innovation – in one place.

  • Services

    Software and full-service market research. We have you covered across the globe and through various methodologies.

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